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Sell My Car Texas

Don't want to mess with selling your car? Then don't!


Sell My Car Texas is an established and trusted agency that takes the stress out of selling your car. We pay cash and we're not picky about our inventory. That means you've got a great chance at having some extra spending money and more room in the garage in no time at all.


There are a lot of reasons people dread selling their used cars. Common complaints include:

Sell My Car Texas takes the stress out of selling your car by addressing each of these issues and offering you a simple solution to solve all of these problems. Here's how our program works.


Step 1
Call us. Let us know what kind of car you have and what kind of condition it's in. We accept most makes, models and all sorts of conditions so it's not likely that we'll refuse your car. Even if you've got a clunker, we've got cash just waiting on you.

Step 2
Sell to us. We'll make you an offer for your vehicle. Your next step is as simple as saying yes.

Step 3
Get your cash. Once you've agreed to sell us your car, we'll make arrangements to come to you to pick up the vehicle. Even if the car won't start, we'll find a way to get the clunker off your lot. Cars in better condition are accepted as well. Once we show up to take the car we'll hand you your cash.

It's as simple as that. Our professional auto sales employees will treat you with respect every step of the way. We'll explain what we're up to each step of the way and make sure you understand what's going on and that you're happy with our service. We'll even help you with the transfer of title.

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